Onaqui Ambassadors Wanted


What You Will Do


Onaqui Ambassadors will regularly help to educate the public with the facts about the state of America’s wild horses in general, and our Onaqui wild horses, in particular. You will correct misinformation, spread the truth, and encourage and foster productive dialogue to support saving the wild horses of the Onaqui range.


Onaqui Ambassadors share their passion for our Onaqui wild horses any opportunity they get. You want to be a champion for the Onaqui herd by starting a fundraising campaign around events, birthdays, holidays, and other significant moments during the year. Onaqui Ambassadors also help to raise awareness and bringing new wild horse activists and advocates into our alliance.


Onaqui Ambassadors are the first ones to be tapped when there is a need for immediate action. Whether it’s helping to organize an event, helping with media, or attending a legislative meeting, Onaqui Ambassadors will be in the front of the fight for measures that will save our wild horses!


The Onaqui wild horses need your passion, your courage, your dedication, and your time, now! There is a lot of work to be done – and little time to do it in. We need people who care enough to put their egos aside for the horses and who are willing to work collaboratively with all kinds of people and viewpoints. If you’re that kind of person…