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Utah’s wild horses are under severe threat of extinction right now and none are at greater risk than the beloved horses of the Onaqui range. They need your help now. 

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Born wild. Meant to be free.

For more than 100 years, the wild horses of the Onaqui have called these rangelands their home. As a volunteer with Onaqui Wild Horse Alliance, you will be on the front line of our mission to conserve this iconic herd and defend them from the current attacks that threaten their very survival. If you care about protecting wildlife and wild places, please join us to protect the Onaqui wild horses from systematic elimination by the federal government. 

Don’t let this be their fate.

Ways You Can Help

Become an Ambassador

As an Onaqui Ambassador, you will be on the front line of OWHA’s mission to protect and preserve the treasured Onaqui wild horses and keep them wild and free forever.

Spread the Word

Our wild horses need us to speak for them. Help raise awareness and bring new advocates into the movement through social media, at events, and through traditional media.

Spring into Action

At crucial moments of action, we need your help! From public rallies to attending wild horse hearings your presence is vital to fight harmful measures that would impact Onaqui horses.

Be a Hero 4 wild horses

Get creative and start your own fundraising campaign to save the Onaqui wild horses. Pick a fun activity, create a fundraising page, and ask family and friends to support your efforts. 

Together we fight. Together we win.

The mission of Onaqui Wild Horse Alliance (“OWHA”) is to work collaboratively to protect and preserve the wild horses who live on and around the BLM Onaqui Mountain Herd Management Area (“the HMA”) and nurture the legacy of public appreciation and respect for the Onaqui horses and the rangelands they call home.

OWHA will engage stakeholders in the spirit of collaboration, mutual respect, sound science, and education to assist in proactively developing a humane and environmentally sound long-term management plan for the benefit of the horses, the rangeland, stakeholders, and taxpayers. 

As key advocates for the Onaqui horses, OWHA will:

1.       Work on and around the HMA to gather information on the Onaqui herd, including conducting a census of the horses and developing a photographic database to identify the horses living on or around the HMA;

2.       Closely monitor the Onaqui herd, gather information regarding the horses’ health, rates of reproduction, mortality (including causes of mortality), movements on and around the HMA, and share that information with the BLM and stakeholders;

3.       Closely monitor the rangelands upon which the Onaqui horses live and identify areas at risk of degradation due to activities of the Onaqui horses, livestock, wildlife, or other causes, and share that information with the BLM and stakeholders;

4.       Assist the BLM to the fullest extent practicable in humanely managing the growth of the Onaqui herd on the HMA, with the objective of eliminating the need to conduct roundups and removals of the Onaqui horses. To achieve that objective, OWHA will provide the BLM with fully trained volunteers to bait and dart Onaqui mares and provide the BLM and stakeholders with accurate information on the administration of fertility control;

5.       Assist the BLM in its efforts to find good, responsible homes for Onaqui horses who are or have been gathered and removed, and ensuring that no Onaqui horses are exploited for commercial purposes, including but not limited to slaughter.

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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” 

~ Socrates

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